Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Loading and Firing A Flintlock Fusil.

Chilworth Gunpowder Mill.

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Secluded in the surrey Hillside, near St Martha's church is the old gunpowder works. Chilworth Gunpowder works was established in 1625 by the East India Company and finally closed in 1920. It was worked by a number of private companies and became an important supplier of gunpowder to the Government. A significant number of buildings from the gunpowder factory can still be found. The buildings and area are now looked after by Guildford Borough Council and English Heritage.

Keith's Chilworth Gunpowder container.

Photo By Andrew Norris.

Photo By Andrew Norris.

Photo By Andrew Norris.
“I do not remember to have seen such Variety of Mills and Works upon so narrow a Brook, and in so little a Compass; there being Mills for Corn, Cloth, Brass, Iron, Powder etc.” John Evelyn 1676.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Gun Laws Australia. To satisfy their conceit, they manipulate statistics to suit themselves and pretend that “the science is settled”.

Image courtesy of the late Dr R.A.F. Gilbert of Falkirk Scotland.

The Australian government is so inadequate in its appraisal of gun legislation that it requires permit to purchase, registration, and licensing for flintlocks, wheel-locks and matchlock muzzle-loading guns, rifles and pistols.