Friday, 12 February 2016

Can you identify this. Powder Measure & Pricker.

A reader sent these images to me in the hope that I could identify this powder measure. What is unknown is the reason for the channel on the measure, was it meant to hold something? A gun tool for instance? It has a file cut which has gone right through the measure making a hole. Your thoughts please, could this be a marker for a lower measure of gunpowder? Or is the hole a mistake, filed too far? The silver band is apparently fixed in place & will not move.
Can anyone date this measure?

The file cut and hole is just to the right of the silver band at top.

Here you can see the channel that extends under the silver band.

An enlarged image showing the file cut and hole.
Silver band is level with the cut-away end of the measure.

Showing part of the pricker that is tied to the measure with cordage.

Fitting A Gun Flint In The Lock DVD.

Conservators begin work on HMS London's 'absolutely beautiful' gun carriage | Culture24

Conservators begin work on HMS London's 'absolutely beautiful' gun carriage | Culture24

Can you identify these containers?

Does anyone know what these containers were used for? I posted a similar container not too long ago and now these have come to light via a friend. A more likely use than I first thought could be containers for gunpowder? Any ideas on when these were made or in use? Where were they made?

Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Brescian Brass-Mounted Flintlock Blunderbuss.

A Brescian brass-mounted flintlock blunderbuss with elliptical muzzle by Picin Frusca of Brescia. Early 18th century. Steel barrel 54cm engraved at breech and signed “Lazaro Lazarino”. Engraved and signed lock. Molded highly figured stock, folding butt en suit with sprung release button behind escutcheon. Cast and chased brass mounts comprising pierced foliate side plate, belt plate and trigger guard with shaped panels within raised borders and each with foliate finials. Scroll trigger, iron belt hook with ring shaped mount and foliate finials and original brass tipped ramrod.